Tax Preparation

At Senior Tax Advisory Group, we are a goal-driven Tax Preparer. Our first tax season was in 2002 and we prepared 110 tax returns. In the last 2 years we prepared just under 2,800 tax returns. We are responsible for, analyzing your tax data, filing and submitting your tax returns. We ensure confidentiality, provide excellent service to promote repeat business and provide future tax planning.

To ensure our success as Tax Preparers, we are knowledgeable of legislation and regulations, we provide excellent service to our clients, and maintain a high standard for our organization. We are detail-oriented with excellent oral and written communication skills.

At Senior Tax Advisory Group we prepare all types of returns whether you are filing a personal return or you run your own small busness we have the skills needed to prepare your return.

As your Tax Preparer We Will:

  • Advise you about the tax preparation process.
  • Prepare and submit tax returns.
  • Audit all tax forms for completeness and accuracy.
  • Provide future tax planning.
  • Analyze your tax data to maximize the outcome.